The Waterloo Farm Museum and Dewey School are located in Waterloo, Michigan, near Stockbridge and Chelsea. Currently on 3 acres, the original property was over 50 acres and is surrounded by swamps, fields, and hills typical of glaciated areas in Southern Central Michigan. There was an orchard and cider mill across from the farm house which were torn down by the State of Michigan over 50 years ago. The house was saved and turned into the Waterloo Farm Museum and after the work of many volunteers it has been maintained mostly as it was. Original buildings were maintained and additional buildings to celebrate the Michigan Pioneer farming life have be brought here.

The Dewey School is located a short drive from the Farm Museum and is an original one room school house, which were common throughout the area but are now disappearing due to neglect.

The Farm Museum and Dewey School are a unique experience, different from Greenfield Village, which replicates an 1800th century village.